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Michelle Quin

Michelle Quin is one of the Australian Film and Television Industry's most experienced Casting Directors. She has a solid background in drama and television commercials, with an intuitive ability to cast the right person for the role, without fail! Michelle is well established, maintaining her contacts over years within the industry, including casting agents nationally, and a firmly established Singapore network, opening doors to International and Asian talent pools.

During her casting career established over 25 years, she has successfully cast a host of drama and comedy series, with a proven track record of short Film & TVC productions. Testament to her eye for talent, Michelle was responsible for finding such gems as Livinia Nixon - Channel 9 personality, Sam Johnson - Rush, Rahda Mitchell - Finding Netherland with Johnny Depp, as well as Portia de Rossi - Alley Mc Beal. Of course they all would now hate to be known as the faces promoting commercial products such as Mars, Car Tyres, Wedgwood Pies and Cadbury Chocolate! Everyone gets their break somewhere, and Michelle has been responsible for kick-starting many film and television careers. Available for long and short term contracts, Michelle will be a valuable addition to your production, bringing the right people to do the best job at bringing your characters to life!

As you would expect, Michelle maintains a full police check with Industrial Relations Victoria and is fully conversant with the Child Employment Act.

We generally work to very short deadlines which creates a great deal of pressure, especially for our suppliers. Michelle has not only survived these pre-production periods, which often include the casting brief changing mid-stream, but delivered great talent perfectly to brief. We believe her intuitive understanding of both and script with the ability to fulfill these requirements is extremely impressive. The difficult or unusual script/brief reveals her lateral ability as a self starter who will seek talent outside of the immediate sources; the results have always been excellent.

Alan Cole, Director

Michelle's ability to look beyond the square in finding suitable people for my productions, whether they be babies, young children, adults, character roles and presenters for a wide range of products and clients. I recommend Michelle to you as someone who can take a brief and work with you in obtaining the best the role requires and have found her to be a terrific support and hard worker in what is at many times a very demanding and difficult profession.

Liz Conway, Producer

Too many casting people do not fully understand what a script or part requires. Michelle Quin from the Casting Couch does. She also knows how to negotiate with agents, particularly the difficult ones. She always gets the best deal. How do I know this? Because for the past 20 years Michelle has dealt with all of the above on my behalf on countless TVC's and Corporate communications and never failed to deliver. I can rely on her.

Andrew McVitty, Director

Without fail, Michelle has always found the best talent for every project we've collaborated on. Her recipe is simple: razor sharp instincts and impeccable relationships with the best casting agents in Australia. On one of our latest TVC's, Michelle found our hero couple in less than 24 hours! We can't wait to work with her again!

Trevor Holcomb